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Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd specialise in coastal, sea / beachfront, rural, lifestyle, residential, business & rental property sales. We have a wide selection of properties in areas such as Governors Bay, Diamond Harbour, Lyttelton, Church Bay & Southshore New Brighton in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ).
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Thank you for visiting our website about selling and buying houses in the Lyttelton Harbour bays and Coastal suburbs of Christchurch.

The face of parts of our harbour have changed forever. It was with sadness that we looked upon the vacant sites, but now it is with anticipation, expectation  and hope. This is exciting era, one of promise and optimism. The harbour remains a beautiful place to live, and it is the people who make it what it is, not just the bricks and mortar. Even now several of the empty sites have new pop up faces - the bakery down now on Norwich Quay, a bar on the site of The old Volcano, the Lyttelton Petanque Club where once was Ground,  now there is a new cafe by the new chemists across the road from us and Freemans is well and truely up and running....bring on the furture...we are ready and waiting.

No-one can guarantee absolute benign status anywhere in the world and here is no different. We have property for sale and owners who still wish to continue with their plans and move on.  What a fantastic time to buy a property in the harbour, what a new opportunity has been created right here which you might never have anticipated or thought of before!  There are some excellent buys right here in the harbour at the moment, opportunities that will be marvelled over in the near future and deeply regretted if not taken advantage of now. This is especially true of building sites and many in the green zone with nothing to impede getting on with the dream.

Take Fitzroy Head for example...where else would you find such stunning sections for $160,000?

It can be easy, patience is called for and a bit of understanding and the buying and selling process has changed forever. But it is not the end of the world yet and you can still go out there and find the home or section of your dreams.

give us  a call...we are here to help all our post quake clients and friends wherever we can.

We are the Coastal Real Estate Specialists for Lyttelton Harbour, Port Levy and South Shore to North Shore in the New Brighton Areas of Christchurch New Zealand.

 We also offer a marketing and sales service to clients in all suburbs within close proximity (1/2 and hours drive) to our Lyttelton based office including Heathcote and Sumner.

you have nothing to lose but a little of your time...

 ... clean air warmed by  sunshine in the fresh smogfree environment of the bays and by the sea...

What does this mean for you?

Min Sarginson Real Estate is a local agency that specialises in property in and around Lyttelton, Cass Bay, Governors Bay, Charteris Bay, Church Bay, Diamond Harbour, Purau and Port Levy and now close suburbs of Christchurch city including New Brighton areas, Heathcote and Sumner.   Our local knowledge in real estate in these bays can help you with your property decisions. 

 Our sales people are ever ready to take you through the process of buying or selling in an easy, friendly and painless way.

Call us for free, no obligation advice about what is happening in the market in these post aftershock days in Lyttelton, Cass Bay, Governors Bay, Charteris Bay, Church Bay, Diamond Harbour, Purau and Port Levy on Banks Peninsula near Christchurch, Heathcote, New brighton and Sumner areas.

Real estate continues to fascinate, whether buyers or sellers or for rental properties, by the sea, close to the beachfront, on Banks Peninsula, near to Christchurch, anywhere in beautiful New Zealand.

People will always wish to live close to the sea, our local communities on Banks Peninsula and coast line near Christchurch offer a great lifestyle whether it is right by the sea, on the beachfront or respendent on the hillside or in the valleys. We have rental properties in these beautiful areas as well as properties for sale. And all so close to Christchurch (NZ)

Here at Min Sarginson Real Estate we can make it all so easy for you. Our sales consultants are all extremely familiar with every aspect of life in this coastal paradise because they live the dream  themselves.    They know all about those beachfront properties for sale close to Christchurch New Zealand or if you don't wish to be so close to the beachfront you can have the grandstand views from higher positions which can be equalling stimulating or soothing on your psyche.

They can advise you on whatever is available from beachfront properties and homes for holidays or as a permanent residence, substantial homes for sale or modest cottages,  grandstand positions or quiet seclusion.

Where is this?

Port Lyttelton

Lyttelton is a thriving portside community with a real buzz offering a cosmopolitan mix of townspeople and a real selection of cafes and restaurants run by internationally experienced restrateurs who now call Lyttelton home.  Well travelled ex-pats inevitably find their way through the tunnel or over the hill and instantly see the similarity to what they have left behind without the crush and sqeeze of a population of millions. They see the opportunity to live by the sea or beachfront so close to Christchurch(NZ) and are quick to investigate, earthquakes or no earthquakes.

The Lyttelton farmers market on Saturday mornings has become a convivial meeting place for locals and city folk, as well as the place to go for delicacies and freshness not found elsewhere. It is a true farmers market as they are intended to be.  You will be welcomed by the sea air as you come through the tunnel from Christchurch (NZ).

The Bay Communities

The beautiful and picturesque seaside communities of Cass, Governors, Charteris and Purau Bays are safe havens for families as is Diamond Harbour with a choice of two excellent primary schools.  The scenic rural areas which separate these pretty communities offer the beauty and seclusion of a rural lifestyle.  The opportunity can arise where these properties have beachfront access or access to the many and varied walking tracks available in the harbour close to the sea and city.

How do I get There..?

You can choose to drive the scenic road into or from  Christchurch New Zealand either via the winding route over the Port Hills enjoying the amazing views on the way or through the Lyttelton tunnel. There is an excellent ferry service leaving from the Lyttelton wharves and the Diamond Harbour wharf run by Blackcat ferry service. Christchurch city buses will take you right into the city centre.

Where would you like to play..?

Charteris Bay has the prettiest 9 hole golf course, Orton Bradley Park is a perfect weekend destination, the beaches are many and varied, moorings are available at Diamond Harbour, Church Bay  and Purau Bay.  You can sail on the harbour, walk in the hills, cycle the roads or bike the mountain bike tracks. There's something for everyone. Or the sea and hill views will entertain and relax you while you sit and do nothing.

The suburbs of New Brighton and Sumner, Redcliffs, Scarborough, Mount Pleasant and Clifton offer dramatic views, cosy communities within close proximity to the city but offering a totally different lifestyle.  It needn't all be about being on the hills either. there are plenty of flat easy areas as well.

Life is for living... do it it properly.

As in any market conditions it is important to  get advice from the proper professionals  when planning future property changes then call our people today and see what is for sale.

As always our experienced sales people have the expertise to comment on any local property matters and are available to help with your enquiries.


We're in this neighbourhood for good.


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